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Today we paid a visit to meet the lovely Amy, to talk about her boutique: Incluso. This woman is an entrepreneur in heart and soul: from photography, to sales, to client relationships: Amy manages it all!

 What is the concept of Incluso?
Our clothes are minimalistic with an edge and accessible for any women; age doesn’t matter. We especially love soft and neutral tones. You will never find any fluorescent colours! Besides, we only select on fine quality. Also, I want my brands to be sustainable. I care about animals as much as I care about people, so for me it’s very important that the clothes are produced in an animal- and human friendly environment.

When did your love affair with fashion begin?
Well, actually it came a bit unexpected. I didn’t follow any fashion education, like the most shop owners have done. Instead of that I have studied to become a Communication and Multimedia design expert; this is where you learn all about creating concepts and design. I seem to really enjoy creating new concepts. This inspired me to set up this boutique. The funny thing is that there are several things I’ve learned during my study, that are useful; things like marketing and photography. The work is very dynamic; I love the fact that I’m not supposed to sit behind my desk from 9 to 5.

Are you only selling things that you would wear?
Yes, in my collection you will mostly find the things that I would wear, the clothes I feel comfortable in. The same as I have with Knit-ted. I’m selling Knit-ted for five years now and it’s one of my favourite brands. I am especially a big fan of the Knit-ted pullovers and love the nuance in colours. It’s totally matching my shop!
I also like the exclusivity of Knit-ted, because I want to present myself as an exclusive (online) boutique.

Who is your favourite designer?
That’s difficult to say, I think at the moment Céline is one of the most inspiring designers, it has a very progressive style, that’s what I like about it.

 What’s your style? Are there colours you would never wear?
Purple, that’s not my kind of colour. And you will never ever find me wearing any
fluorescent colours.

Where does the name Incluso come from?
Incluso means ‘all included’, it’s a Spanish name. It’s based on the idea that I want to sell all kind of things; clothes, shoes, accessories but also bags. This combined with personal service.

You have to choose: stop wearing black or stop wearing white?
Okay, that’s a tough question. I think I’ll go for white; a colour I wear on a regular basis, but –oh wait?– than I can’t wear my shoes anymore… I guess I’ll have a problem then. Ha-ha!

Denim or leather?
Denim. I must say that I don’t think you can find any leather in our collection. It’s not that I am against leather; far from that, I mean I’m actually wearing leather shoes all the time. We made an conscious decision to sell clothes made of so-called vegan leather (leather look a like).

Any plans for the future?
We almost exist for ten years now. Quite some time right? I’d like to continue growing online, but the most important thing is to enjoy this adventure.

Dokter Brabersstraat 2A